Hazel Lale

International Artist with an eclectic mix of influences

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As a busy and successful United Kingdom (Sheffield) based painter, I am also very much in demand as a teacher: there are more details about this elsewhere within this site, as well as examples of some of my recent work.

My work is strongly influenced by my travels — the bustle and colours of the souks of Marrakesh... the temples and forests of India... the savannahs and wildlife of Africa... the cafes and milongas of Buenos Aires... the familiar seascapes of our island's edge — places that become a part of the weave of dreams and memory I draw on.

To me these visual experiences are inextricably linked to sounds which captivate me, and encapsulate my experiences — a haunting blues in a New Orleans bar, the constant electric buzz of insects in a tropical rain forest, sounds of the darkness around an African campfire, the melancholy cry of the bandoneon in a tango bar — sounds that when I hear again invoke the sense and feeling of time and place.

I believe that these experiences are common to us all in some way. And perhaps it is because of this that my work has won wide acceptance worldwide, and that a number of international clients and public bodies have commissioned works on a large scale.

I have exhibited in many one-woman shows, in the U.K. and internationally. Among the exciting things are have happened to me was a recent invitation to show alongside an established fashion designer during the London Fashion Week at the Metropolitan Hotel, Park Lane. This is the first time that London Fashion Week has invited an artist to exhibit. For the past few years I have exhibited in a prestigious San Francisco Gallery, which has led to several major international commissions.

Thank you to all who year on year continue to support and promote my work.

Hazel Lale, B.A. Hons, Fine Art

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